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  1. Нека бъде бяло....чисто като твоята душа...

  2. The rain spins tiny threads of silver
    They go into my souls and eyes
    The blossom of the cherry tree
    Went down into the spring as vice
    The sun shines warm and even hot
    It’s out, alas, not in my world
    Well, I don’t want it, had a lot
    Without it I have beauty pearl
    A lot of fields, so icy white
    And bluish silvery the snowy plains
    And rain transparent silently that drums
    A tune of past and by-gone days
    I want it to be white
    I want to cover all these rivers
    Of my protruding bluish veins
    A lot of snow with heavy drifts
    To cover paths of dreams unseen
    And let the clouds so white of pain
    Appear up on the horizon
    To cover me in bed of stone
    And whitish foam of knitted lace
    To cover boat and its one oar

    I want it to be white…


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